Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Actually its more like 7.5 to be honest so I had to get these pictures in quick before September rolls around and I missed the entire seventh month!

Woah mama... would someone please STOP THE BUS and let me catch my breath! I simply cannot believe that this much time has passed since this wee boy entered our lives ~ although in saying that, I can barely remember life without him.

He is crawling like a crazy thing now and climbing up on everything he can reach. He doesn't like sleeping thank you very much so tends to do as little of it as possible. Unless I cuddle and snuggle him to sleep then he is quite happy.
 Which (shhhh - secret squirrel) is just fine by me.

He isn't too fond of solid food either unless he is eating it all by himself so ... 
go the baby led weaning!!

He also has decided sleeping through the night is just for little babies and since he is such a big boy now he can wake up and get cuddles and food from mama instead. 

All night parties round here! the way, would you get a load of that hat!!
Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen! 
He has one very talented aunty alice.

On another note it is lovely to be enjoying this baby without the desperately sad feeling that I no longer have a tiny newborn around. I wondered if the feeling that I was 'done' would ever come and I am glad to say that for the first time ever. It has.
I am loving everyday with this precious treasured gift but I don't have the aching sense of loss that I have had in the past as my babies have grown.

(I was a little worried there!!)


Sunday, 11 August 2013


1. Daphne in full bloom. I just don't tire of this flower.... it's in every room of our home.

2. G&T's with my sister in law after the best surprise EVER visit all the way over from Aussie... joining all the rest of Tim's family who were home for a visit. A rare time of togetherness with no one missing.

3. Heartbreaking farewells

4. Gorgeous new boots - Finally!!

5. This little guy is desperate to stand up!! Noooooooo

6. Tree lined entrance to our neighbouring city.. a gloomy day to match our gloomy mood as we drove to the airport to farewell our family making their way back to their respective countries.

7. We sat atop the bluff after an emotional time at the airport. Eating pizza in the car and we calmed as we watched the ocean 


Although so sad having to say goodbye I am at the same time so so happy as my mama arrives back in the country tonight after travelling for the last four months.

Whoop whoop

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(arghhh... grainy grainy photos!)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Its a sicky sucky yucky kinda day around here.
Lots of hot drinks... movies... and sleep 

I wish the sleep part was something that I was indulging in but sadly no.
This baby loves his mama so much he just doesn't like being apart.
Especially at night.

Lucky he is so darn cute. 
It really saves his cute weeny tush.

Monday, 5 August 2013

~ weekly stills {a catch up edition} ~

               1. Bonfire

               2. My newest teenager and his grandad

               3. Birthday pizza at our local

               4. The only way this one will sleep

               5. Bliss

               6. Best love note ever

These days I feel like I am lost in a thick fog of exhaustion. Sleepless baby nights and sick children are taking their toll. I am off to stock up on some heavy duty multivitamins and a good eye cream. 


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