Friday, 28 June 2013

A {Just because I can} celebration

You want to know something?
My brood is a pretty awesome bunch.

Sure... they fight, scrap, yell and argue from time to time (read: quite a bit of the time)
They can drive me a wee bit looney.

But. Overall. They are just amazeballs. They are on a journey of discovery.. learning how to give, how to love, how to serve and be less self centered. Sure they mess up ~ don't we all! They can get caught up their own worlds and forget that being part of  a big family means that there is less opportunity or at least tolerance for self absorption. 

They are getting there.
So... to celebrate the fact that they have been working hard at putting others first. I decided to have a random.. 'you are just the coolest kids out' treat yesterday.
My friend made this  fabulous  Super Mario Brothers cake and we had a mini celebration of awesomeness.

Just cos' we could...
I think it went down a treat.

Sadly for him... the youngest was the most excited and most unlucky.
(Next time wee man)


Thursday, 27 June 2013

~ Follow me ~

You are all to likely know this by now... but just in case.. Google Reader is all over rover in a couple of days.
This blogging journey has been all the richer having YOU with me and I would hate to do it without you sooooo......
I would love you to come follow me with Bloglovin instead.

You just create a Bloglovin' account and in the process it asks if you want to import the blogs you read on Google Reader to your new Bloglovin' account. Click the button to import and that's it!!

Go here to check it out!
Thanks guys..


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

These weeks...

It's been 'one of those months

I haven't kept this space up to date really so instead of a weekly stills... this is more of a month long roundup.

                1. All happy in our big baby bed. Mama finally let go of the bassinet

                     2. Waiting for daddy

                     3. Making: Harem pants (kinda)

                     4. Treats to keep kids happy and quiet while Mama listens at our church

                     5.  A delicious present from my man

                     6.  A beautiful place name setting at the 50th of a precious friend on saturday 
                          night ~ a gift from this talented pair

                     7.  Snuggled up to watch Saturday sports wearing divine alpaca mittens made by 
                          his wonderful Auntie Alice

Belatedly joining in with The Beetleshack for the weekly stills collection

again - please excuse the photo quality... I have been using my crappy phone camera in the absence of  my own     camera

Friday, 14 June 2013

Five Months

Mr Theo... you are now five months old and what a wonderful five months these have been!

You are rolling over and over and saying Mama and Dad Dad,  you are so desperate to crawl  -  you get up on your wee knees with your butt in the air and try so so hard to propel yourself forward... oh! please don't. I quite like it that I can put you down and know that you will only move as far as the couch or the chair or whatever is blocking the way!

Your laugh is to die for.
That big deep belly laugh makes everyone's day better no matter what has happened.

Teenagers are less grumpy with you around.... who can be sad when there is a laughing baby in the house!

You have taught us all so much.... to take everyday as it comes and not to ever wish for tomorrow. The days go way too fast... and every day you are that little bit older.... that little bit less of a baby.

We try not to be sad though that these days are fewer and fewer and enjoy each one for what it brings.

Everyone is a little bit happier, a little bit less self-centered, a little bit more outward focused since you have been here and for this I am so grateful.

We love you our darling beautiful baby.


getting ready to take off!
(please excuse the quality of the photos - the light was bad today)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

making: sweet baby pants

I was a lucky girl on Tuesday and got to spend all day with the delightful Jenny from mend and make new... she did a post a while back on how to make the cutest baby pants and I was amping to give them a go! I am a tad fearful of sewing knit fabric though and was keen on a bit of hand holding while I got the hang of it. Jenny is super sweet and despite juggling a newborn and two preschools she spent the day teaching me how to make these divine wee pants using this tutorial.

While they only took about an hours sewing... it did take us about 4 hours to actually complete them in between baby feeds and cups of tea!! 

Jenny also cooks the BEST scrambled eggs by the way! 

Thanks my friend for a lovely day with lovely company... I will be back!

I made these using a mid weight merino so they will be extra toasty warm for those sweet chubby legs..
The owl fabric is from Spoonflower and was a generous gift from Jenny


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

a {second} babymoon - of sorts

Mothering six children is hard.  There have been (fleeting) moments lately where I have felt totally overwhelmed managing just the simple day to day needs of my family. 
I know they have all felt it too.
They know when their mother is only half listening... half loving... half meeting their needs.

It feels weird in a way to be juggling the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of teenagers while calming a screaming baby and handling the exhausting toll of breastfeeding and sleepless nights!!

 Dont get me wrong though.
I am loving this season of my life and feel incredibly blessed to even be in this position. 
I just need to find ways of handling it better.

I am incredibly grateful for an understanding and awesome husband who has seen my downward spiral and offered practical and loving support.
Including this amazing idea.

a second {mini} babymoon
(aka - milk making day)

I know right... awesome idea.

Today has been spent enjoying lavender baths... delicious coffee... sleep...  chocolate... blueberry muffins... sleep... scented candles.... favourite magazines... sleep... baby cuddles and a long overdue blog world catch up! 

All whilst listening to the rain

My baby sleeps, plays, giggles and feeds beside me.

I put dinner on while I made breakfast so even that is sorted.... 
All I have to do now is get up long enough to pick up my children from school

hubby even popped home from work with a special treat for morning tea... so blessed

Already feeling rejuvenated