Friday, 21 February 2014

An overwhelmed heart

These last few weeks have been tough. 
Really tough.
Our beautiful sister suffered a stroke a month ago. An unexpected, hard to stomach shock that left our family reeling.
She should be ok but it will be long tiring road to recovery.
Everyday new curveballs get thrown into the mix; financial pressures, health issues and mounting uncertainties have at times left me feeling like I'm treading water desperate to keep my head above the dumping waves. 
 I too had a health scare a few weeks ago that shook me to the core and forced me to my knees. Forced me to surrender, to accept that my life is not my own, that I have placed my trust and dependency in Christ

I'm so thankful to have Someone to run to amidst the chaos... He has gently reminded me that our days  are perfectly numbered and He has us securely in the palm of His hand. 
Despite this believing and trusting its hard not to feel overwhelmed, to rest securely and peacefully in the knowing.

I  turned again to this verse... this truth that never fails to restore and comfort my soul.

From the ends of the earth I call to you when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I - (Psalm 61:2)

It is so reassuring to know we are not alone.. never left to sink. We have a rock that we can cling to while the turmoil and waves crash around us. 
While the circumstances may not change, and life may not take the direction we would choose, we are not abandoned amidst the pain... 
As my beautiful friend reminded me yesterday
'I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand I shall not be shaken.'  (Psalm 16:8)

I pray my friend that you too will know His peace, and His grace will sustain you with whatever you may be facing this week


Monday, 17 February 2014


Strolling through the trees on the family orchard.
We enjoyed a 'family love feast' with the extended family for Valentines day
a blessed time of family, fun and amazing food!

Theo wasn't sold on the idea though... he wanted to get back inside and find 
more chocolate to devour.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

stress free lunches

With a total of 7 school lunches to be made every morning these past weeks 
 I needed to devise an easy plan. I was reminded about these stuffed bread parcels I used to make and just like that the stress was gone!

A few batches of these, wrapped straight from the oven and popped into the freezer meant that the kids could easily make their own... a bun and muffin from the deep freeze, a piece of fruit, one treat and voila! 

Here is my super easy, yummo recipe for stuffed buns or scrolls 

(I use a breadmaker at the moment for these but also make them by hand... it's just a tad more time consuming!)

6 tsp yeast
2 T sugar
50g softened butter or 3T oil
1/4c milk
2 1/2c warm water
1 1/2 tsp salt
6 cup flour

Set to dough timer but pull out once it has all kneaded and started to rise. On my one this is when there is about an hour to go but all breadmakers are different so it may be a wee bit of trial and error. As it is a large batch it will overflow if left too long!! Also keep an eye on it and add more water/flour as needed to produce a soft but relatively firm dough (does that even make sense!!?)

Tip out the dough and roll it out to a large rectangle about 1/2 cm thickish. I split this lot in half and made half sweet and half savory 

For the savory ones I spread a mixture of tomato paste and relish over the top, added grated cheese and ham/bacon and then cut them into squares and pulled the opposite corners over and squished them in the middle.

 I also roll them up sometimes and make scrolls like I did here with the sweet ones. These have softened butter rubbed over, been sprinkled with cinnamon, brown sugar and chopped up dark chocolate. In a word. Divine.

Cook at 200C for around 15-20 mins. Till golden brown and oozing melted cheese. 
Or chocolate.
 Preferably not both at once.

If you have the self control to not eat them right then and there...
Cool slightly, wrap and throw in the deep freeze 
and enjoy an extra few minutes with your coffee in the mornings without the time consuming hassle of making lunches!

Go you!



A rainy cold Sunday afternoon spent snuggling on the couch alternating between 
watching winter olympics and cricket.
We are once again a family of eight.. I'm missing those other two!
(A slight improvement on those grimaces from previous weeks!!) 

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The water boy

This guy was so desperate to get in the pool tonight and join his brothers and cousins..
I found him sans nappy -  he had yanked that baby off and thrown it through the fence in disgust and was trying to get his tshirt over his head like he was a big kid or something!
oh the cheek!

our water boy doesn't get the message that he is actually still a baby!

(and by the way, don't you just LOVE the new look! thank you Talia for the revamp!)

Monday, 3 February 2014


Trampolining - Robinson style!
loving our extra big family at the moment..
we are blessed

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this week - a stills collection

     1. Capsicums a-ripening in the greenhouse

     2. Through the fence  - wishing our yard included this space!

     3. Baby olives 

     4. Sneeky, cheeky boy!!

     5. Getting my bake on - so many tummies and lunchboxes to fill.. its a neverending story!

     6. Succulents. My fav.

     7. My five school babies. Only two left at primary now! The years are flying.. slow down!!

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Sunday, 2 February 2014


 Seriously fuming at my eldest son for the the ridiculous face pulling that
went on here! It's a one shot deal for these pictures and I pray every time that it's a good one!.
In this instance it was not. I harboured serious thoughts about permanently blocking his face - but nah.. theres always one right?!!
Tell me I'm right. 

Love you Alex.

In other news. We now have 8 children.

Seb and Anne are living with us while their dear mama.. Tim's sister Beth, 
recovers from a stroke. 
Its been a tough couple of weeks for our family and we are so thankful
she is recovering and now home while she awaits surgery.
Doctors are confident of a full recovery but it will take time and loads of rest. 
So in the meantime these two get to live with us!!