Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Missing our Mollie this week... she is a leader at a local summercamp for 2 weeks.

We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon exploring a local river with the extended family... the boys and their cousins floated down, did bombs off the bank and soaked in the sunshine and cool water. We cooked sausages on the cooker and drank copious coffee's with water boiled in Tim's old thermette and generally relaxed the day away.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014


Lazy friday picnic on the back lawn dinner with fresh corn and sausages.
(Can ya spot the other family member skulking about in the background!?)

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Monday, 6 January 2014


Last year one of my dearest friends and favourite bloggers took the idea of taking a picture of your children once a week, every week for the whole year... and made it a family thing.
 I loved this concept and have totally stolen copied her idea! 

So here is 


ignore the weird expressions, sideway glances and slight fuzziness - this is about
accomplishment NOT perfection!!

I really don't want this to be a stressful, hideous experience given we have to take 52 of them ~ so they will no doubt be random, messy at times and totally candid.

I can do messy - hopefully!



1. Oh yanno.... just standing here chillin' with my bro's while we fill up on plums...
2. Party time! We celebrated our baby's first birthday with loads of family, friends and amazing food.
3. Nothing like filling your plates with bounty from the sea and bounty from your garden to make life feel grand.
4. Birthday boy
5. I cannot get enough of these blooms... they fill every available vessel in my home right now

I hope your new year has started beautifully and you are feeling refreshed, 
 restored and energised after the holidays.

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

One Year Ago....

.... this happened

 ... and our lives were turned upside down in the most wonderful way.

Theodore (Teddy) Beau Philip Robinson entered our lives on January 5th 2013 (a whopping 9lbs 8oz) and brought with him the most wonderful sunshine.
Our lives have been enriched, filled to the brim with love and completely and utterly transformed with the arrival of this gorgeous wee man.
He has helped heal broken hearts, fixed teenage angst and added a richness to our lives 
that we would never have thought possible.

My son...
while I cannot even begin to understand where a whole year has gone... I also can hardly remember life without you here! 
Your brothers still race in to be the first to hold you in the morning... your beautiful chuckle when your siblings play with you never fails to make everyone else laugh in turn, those facial expressions you have mastered are priceless and we are all taking huge delight in watching you learn to walk.

This has been the most wonderful, wonderful year and I am saddened that it has come to an end. Sad to not have a wee babe in my arms but excited too as you begin to develop more and more of your personality. You are incredibly cheeky... that grin when you know you are being disobedient makes it so hard to punish you! You are so very stubborn too -  but also oh! so eager to please! You still don't sleep through the night and I am exhausted with the waking but I treasure that time with you in the dead of the night when no one else is awake and its just you and me. You are very welcome to sleep through though son... I would treasure sleep just the same! 

Your dad and I are so grateful that the Lord gave you to us and we pray that we will be worthy of such a precious gift and always seek to be the parents He has called us to be. 

I pray my Teddy boy...as one year rolls into two and two to three, your toddler years to childhood and your adolescence to adulthood that you would know the love of your Saviour, that you would grow to be a man of faith, a lover of wisdom and a follower of Christ.
May you heed the counsel of your father and honour your mother.


We love you with all our hearts