Friday, 25 April 2014

our sunset

This week marked the end of the most beautiful chapter of our lives
I have permanently removed the option of us having more babies
and my heart is so sad.

It is the right decision for us as a family 
but the thought of no more newborn
babies, no silky soft snuggles and
no tiny fingers curled around mine
is a heartbreaking idea that
I am struggling to comprehend.

I will move forward and celebrate the
next phase, I will delight in my children
for who they are to become
and not only for what they have been.

And I will forever remain thankful that I was blessed
with six gorgeous souls to train and guide
and love
and three more I get to spend all of eternity 

I am recovering well... resting my body and 
taking this rare opportunity to do nothing and be pampered.

Having so many big babies took their toll on this body of mine
and it needed quite a bit of repairing. 
(They would only do this if I was certain that we would be
having no more, hence the tubal ligation)

I feel so blessed to be surrounded with such love and care
and am grateful for the kindness and nurture
I am being showered with.

Thank you friends.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

$10 leggings in 10 minutes

I have been trying for weeks without success to get my hands on some black and white leggings for Theo.
I had almost given up when my sister in law spotted this wee number in the pumpkin patch outlet shop on sale for $10.
 I figured the fabric and elastic would cost more than that
and a ready to go waistband and pre-sewn hem would make these a breeze to make!

Here's how I did it.

Fold skirt in half, grab a pair of pants that fit and lay them on top for your guide. Allow a 2.5 cm seam allowance on the side not already sewn and cut out your shape.

 Separate and sew up each leg

Turn one leg in the right way and leave one inside out.

 Tuck the pair thats right side up into the inside out leg.

Pin into place and sew right around 
pulling it into a line as you go, it will pop back into
 shape when you are done.

 Like this!

Untuck them and trim  the excess thread

and watch your sweet baby dance in his gorgeous new pants!


Huge thanks to Jenny over at mend and make new
for the use of her overlocker. 
My machine is still in the repair shop.
Must pick it up!

Been making anything lately??


Saturday, 5 April 2014

a month of cakes

I loved the balloon cake idea! Instead of blowing out candles - you pop the balloons instead! Except when you have a mama fail moment and make this cake for the child who hates popping balloons! oops!

Billy's sign caught on fire which made for fun drama at his birthday and last minute desperation called for a quick sprinkle cake when I realized an hour before Charlie's party that I 
hadn't made a cake for him!

I worked out the other day that I had made no less than 56 birthday cakes 
over the last 15 years!
No wonder my creativity has been somewhat depleted.
Especially when you foolishly commit to two! One for the actual birthday and one for the party!

I would have shown you the failure that was Theo's first cake but
somehow I managed to get absolutely no photos of it!
Oops - another fail.

Tell me, have you got any simple easy cake ideas?
Inspire me!


Friday, 4 April 2014


Family dinner night at the grandparents was interrupted by the rugby game.
hello Pa! 
nice of you to join us for our family photo!



This was the week our two teenagers were at youth group camp.
It was Pa's birthday so we joined the rest of the extended family in Napier 
for a fish and chip dinner to celebrate!

Monday, 31 March 2014


Perfect day for a walk and scooter ride along the waterfront.
We are so fortunate to have loads of places to ride and walk and take in 
the stunning view here in the Bay.
Loving this Indian Summer!



Relishing the last glorious days of this neverending summer.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

a legacy of love

This weekend we farewelled darling Sara-Jo. She was such a beautiful person both outside and in - the girl with the biggest heart.
I have spent the week in tears, devastated at the loss of this cherished wife, mama and friend who left us in such a sudden and heartbreaking way.
I have also spent the week in deep surrender. Oh how we know in our heads that life is a fleeting thing, we know in our heads that any moment could be our last. 
But do we live it?
Do we breath that thought?
Does it echo in our minds when we snap at our babies, or argue that point over and over with our spouse or when we speak harshly to a friend or colleague?
This week I surrendered my desire for a beautifully presented house and nicely ordered life and replaced it with a desire to love.
To treasure my husband, my children and the people God brings into my life and to make them my priority. 
To give of myself more, even when it hurts.

Ultimately... my desire above anything is to honour God with my life, with all those moments that make up my day. To live every minute as my last so that my life will be a testimony of His goodness, grace and mercy.

Because, really, my house is not going to stand up at my funeral and tell everyone what an amazing job I did at keeping it tidy. I pray though that God will use those extra minutes instead for His glory and for His purposes and not my own. 
I'm not talking about living in squalor here... I'm just saying its time to reprioritise and focus on the eternal  more than the momentary.

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

I am so determined not to forget this, I pray Sara Jo's legacy will be evident in the lives of all her knew her, that we all may be known as one who loved and gave without reserve.

Monday, 3 March 2014

The last of summer: a week in pictures

a busy beautiful week full of dinners with friends,
birthday parties and trips to the river exploring woody glades and
rocky riverbanks with the cousins.
Relishing these last blissful summer days.
(photos courtesy of Mollie Robinson)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A simple bedroom update

My dearest and I have long disagreed on how our bedroom should look
While I love to embrace my inner nana... he, well. not so much.

We had agreed only last week on a simple update to lighten up our room
that would both appeal to the pair of us and keep the bank account happy,
when lo and behold I won a giveaway from The Art Room!

Not only had I been drooling over this king and queen set for ages, we both loved it!

Simple, restful and no hint of nana.
Well.. for a few days anyway.



Saturday night at the river. Rope swings, deep swimming holes and 
sausages grilled on the cooker.
Perfect way to spend a weekend.

(Oh and hello extra person! Charlie turned eleven this week and his best friend David
 came to spend the weekend with us.)

Linking in with practicing simplicity 

Friday, 21 February 2014

An overwhelmed heart

These last few weeks have been tough. 
Really tough.
Our beautiful sister suffered a stroke a month ago. An unexpected, hard to stomach shock that left our family reeling.
She should be ok but it will be long tiring road to recovery.
Everyday new curveballs get thrown into the mix; financial pressures, health issues and mounting uncertainties have at times left me feeling like I'm treading water desperate to keep my head above the dumping waves. 
 I too had a health scare a few weeks ago that shook me to the core and forced me to my knees. Forced me to surrender, to accept that my life is not my own, that I have placed my trust and dependency in Christ

I'm so thankful to have Someone to run to amidst the chaos... He has gently reminded me that our days  are perfectly numbered and He has us securely in the palm of His hand. 
Despite this believing and trusting its hard not to feel overwhelmed, to rest securely and peacefully in the knowing.

I  turned again to this verse... this truth that never fails to restore and comfort my soul.

From the ends of the earth I call to you when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I - (Psalm 61:2)

It is so reassuring to know we are not alone.. never left to sink. We have a rock that we can cling to while the turmoil and waves crash around us. 
While the circumstances may not change, and life may not take the direction we would choose, we are not abandoned amidst the pain... 
As my beautiful friend reminded me yesterday
'I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand I shall not be shaken.'  (Psalm 16:8)

I pray my friend that you too will know His peace, and His grace will sustain you with whatever you may be facing this week


Monday, 17 February 2014


Strolling through the trees on the family orchard.
We enjoyed a 'family love feast' with the extended family for Valentines day
a blessed time of family, fun and amazing food!

Theo wasn't sold on the idea though... he wanted to get back inside and find 
more chocolate to devour.

Joining in with Jodi for the 52 project


Sunday, 9 February 2014

stress free lunches

With a total of 7 school lunches to be made every morning these past weeks 
 I needed to devise an easy plan. I was reminded about these stuffed bread parcels I used to make and just like that the stress was gone!

A few batches of these, wrapped straight from the oven and popped into the freezer meant that the kids could easily make their own... a bun and muffin from the deep freeze, a piece of fruit, one treat and voila! 

Here is my super easy, yummo recipe for stuffed buns or scrolls 

(I use a breadmaker at the moment for these but also make them by hand... it's just a tad more time consuming!)

6 tsp yeast
2 T sugar
50g softened butter or 3T oil
1/4c milk
2 1/2c warm water
1 1/2 tsp salt
6 cup flour

Set to dough timer but pull out once it has all kneaded and started to rise. On my one this is when there is about an hour to go but all breadmakers are different so it may be a wee bit of trial and error. As it is a large batch it will overflow if left too long!! Also keep an eye on it and add more water/flour as needed to produce a soft but relatively firm dough (does that even make sense!!?)

Tip out the dough and roll it out to a large rectangle about 1/2 cm thickish. I split this lot in half and made half sweet and half savory 

For the savory ones I spread a mixture of tomato paste and relish over the top, added grated cheese and ham/bacon and then cut them into squares and pulled the opposite corners over and squished them in the middle.

 I also roll them up sometimes and make scrolls like I did here with the sweet ones. These have softened butter rubbed over, been sprinkled with cinnamon, brown sugar and chopped up dark chocolate. In a word. Divine.

Cook at 200C for around 15-20 mins. Till golden brown and oozing melted cheese. 
Or chocolate.
 Preferably not both at once.

If you have the self control to not eat them right then and there...
Cool slightly, wrap and throw in the deep freeze 
and enjoy an extra few minutes with your coffee in the mornings without the time consuming hassle of making lunches!

Go you!



A rainy cold Sunday afternoon spent snuggling on the couch alternating between 
watching winter olympics and cricket.
We are once again a family of eight.. I'm missing those other two!
(A slight improvement on those grimaces from previous weeks!!) 

Joining in over here for the 52 project


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The water boy

This guy was so desperate to get in the pool tonight and join his brothers and cousins..
I found him sans nappy -  he had yanked that baby off and thrown it through the fence in disgust and was trying to get his tshirt over his head like he was a big kid or something!
oh the cheek!

our water boy doesn't get the message that he is actually still a baby!

(and by the way, don't you just LOVE the new look! thank you Talia for the revamp!)

Monday, 3 February 2014


Trampolining - Robinson style!
loving our extra big family at the moment..
we are blessed

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this week - a stills collection

     1. Capsicums a-ripening in the greenhouse

     2. Through the fence  - wishing our yard included this space!

     3. Baby olives 

     4. Sneeky, cheeky boy!!

     5. Getting my bake on - so many tummies and lunchboxes to fill.. its a neverending story!

     6. Succulents. My fav.

     7. My five school babies. Only two left at primary now! The years are flying.. slow down!!

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