Saturday, 5 April 2014

a month of cakes

I loved the balloon cake idea! Instead of blowing out candles - you pop the balloons instead! Except when you have a mama fail moment and make this cake for the child who hates popping balloons! oops!

Billy's sign caught on fire which made for fun drama at his birthday and last minute desperation called for a quick sprinkle cake when I realized an hour before Charlie's party that I 
hadn't made a cake for him!

I worked out the other day that I had made no less than 56 birthday cakes 
over the last 15 years!
No wonder my creativity has been somewhat depleted.
Especially when you foolishly commit to two! One for the actual birthday and one for the party!

I would have shown you the failure that was Theo's first cake but
somehow I managed to get absolutely no photos of it!
Oops - another fail.

Tell me, have you got any simple easy cake ideas?
Inspire me!


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