Tuesday, 8 April 2014

$10 leggings in 10 minutes

I have been trying for weeks without success to get my hands on some black and white leggings for Theo.
I had almost given up when my sister in law spotted this wee number in the pumpkin patch outlet shop on sale for $10.
 I figured the fabric and elastic would cost more than that
and a ready to go waistband and pre-sewn hem would make these a breeze to make!

Here's how I did it.

Fold skirt in half, grab a pair of pants that fit and lay them on top for your guide. Allow a 2.5 cm seam allowance on the side not already sewn and cut out your shape.

 Separate and sew up each leg

Turn one leg in the right way and leave one inside out.

 Tuck the pair thats right side up into the inside out leg.

Pin into place and sew right around 
pulling it into a line as you go, it will pop back into
 shape when you are done.

 Like this!

Untuck them and trim  the excess thread

and watch your sweet baby dance in his gorgeous new pants!


Huge thanks to Jenny over at mend and make new
for the use of her overlocker. 
My machine is still in the repair shop.
Must pick it up!

Been making anything lately??



  1. They look awesome, and he clearly loves them too! Was so fun hanging out yesterday :)

  2. Great work!! I love making leggings for my kids, probably because they are so easy!! I make them out of anything and everything!! Your wee man isn't so wee anymore is he! Time flies so fast the more children you have! He actually looks a lot like my wee boy who isn't so wee anymore either! :)