Friday, 25 April 2014

our sunset

This week marked the end of the most beautiful chapter of our lives
I have permanently removed the option of us having more babies
and my heart is so sad.

It is the right decision for us as a family 
but the thought of no more newborn
babies, no silky soft snuggles and
no tiny fingers curled around mine
is a heartbreaking idea that
I am struggling to comprehend.

I will move forward and celebrate the
next phase, I will delight in my children
for who they are to become
and not only for what they have been.

And I will forever remain thankful that I was blessed
with six gorgeous souls to train and guide
and love
and three more I get to spend all of eternity 

I am recovering well... resting my body and 
taking this rare opportunity to do nothing and be pampered.

Having so many big babies took their toll on this body of mine
and it needed quite a bit of repairing. 
(They would only do this if I was certain that we would be
having no more, hence the tubal ligation)

I feel so blessed to be surrounded with such love and care
and am grateful for the kindness and nurture
I am being showered with.

Thank you friends.



  1. Rest up and take your time. I know how you feel. We can no longer have anymore babys after 3 very high risk babys and a still born and m/c. I know its the right thing for us to do but theres something about the descion almost being made for you that tears at the old heart strings. I always believed we would have many children and it would be a breeze! But turns out me +pregnancy = not a breeze. I know we are truely blessed to have the 3 kids we have with us today and I prayed hard when I was preg with #3 that if god just helped get her here safe I wouldnt push my luck again. But it is a strange feeling of it being so permanent. So like you I cherish what we have and what great times we have coming! Take care x

  2. Blessing you today, so glad you are surrounded by love when you need it most. Xxxx