Sunday, 9 February 2014

stress free lunches

With a total of 7 school lunches to be made every morning these past weeks 
 I needed to devise an easy plan. I was reminded about these stuffed bread parcels I used to make and just like that the stress was gone!

A few batches of these, wrapped straight from the oven and popped into the freezer meant that the kids could easily make their own... a bun and muffin from the deep freeze, a piece of fruit, one treat and voila! 

Here is my super easy, yummo recipe for stuffed buns or scrolls 

(I use a breadmaker at the moment for these but also make them by hand... it's just a tad more time consuming!)

6 tsp yeast
2 T sugar
50g softened butter or 3T oil
1/4c milk
2 1/2c warm water
1 1/2 tsp salt
6 cup flour

Set to dough timer but pull out once it has all kneaded and started to rise. On my one this is when there is about an hour to go but all breadmakers are different so it may be a wee bit of trial and error. As it is a large batch it will overflow if left too long!! Also keep an eye on it and add more water/flour as needed to produce a soft but relatively firm dough (does that even make sense!!?)

Tip out the dough and roll it out to a large rectangle about 1/2 cm thickish. I split this lot in half and made half sweet and half savory 

For the savory ones I spread a mixture of tomato paste and relish over the top, added grated cheese and ham/bacon and then cut them into squares and pulled the opposite corners over and squished them in the middle.

 I also roll them up sometimes and make scrolls like I did here with the sweet ones. These have softened butter rubbed over, been sprinkled with cinnamon, brown sugar and chopped up dark chocolate. In a word. Divine.

Cook at 200C for around 15-20 mins. Till golden brown and oozing melted cheese. 
Or chocolate.
 Preferably not both at once.

If you have the self control to not eat them right then and there...
Cool slightly, wrap and throw in the deep freeze 
and enjoy an extra few minutes with your coffee in the mornings without the time consuming hassle of making lunches!

Go you!



  1. Wow, these look so good! I haven't ever had any luck with making bread. Would you consider giving a tutorial one morning at mine. I'll provide the coffee and ingredients if you lend the skill!

  2. Absolutely!! Would love to x

  3. Actually ... go YOU! You better look out Kate, we'll all be wanting tutorials :)

  4. Have just made my 2nd batch this weekend, did them as scrolls, the family are going crazy for them, I'm hoping they will last the week! Thanks Kate for the fantastic idea xoxo

  5. I made these last Monday and my ten year old couldn't stop eating them! They are perfect for his lunchboxes ..thank you!!