Sunday, 2 February 2014


 Seriously fuming at my eldest son for the the ridiculous face pulling that
went on here! It's a one shot deal for these pictures and I pray every time that it's a good one!.
In this instance it was not. I harboured serious thoughts about permanently blocking his face - but nah.. theres always one right?!!
Tell me I'm right. 

Love you Alex.

In other news. We now have 8 children.

Seb and Anne are living with us while their dear mama.. Tim's sister Beth, 
recovers from a stroke. 
Its been a tough couple of weeks for our family and we are so thankful
she is recovering and now home while she awaits surgery.
Doctors are confident of a full recovery but it will take time and loads of rest. 
So in the meantime these two get to live with us!!


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  1. What an amazing family you are x Praying for your sister inlaws recovery.