Friday, 14 June 2013

Five Months

Mr Theo... you are now five months old and what a wonderful five months these have been!

You are rolling over and over and saying Mama and Dad Dad,  you are so desperate to crawl  -  you get up on your wee knees with your butt in the air and try so so hard to propel yourself forward... oh! please don't. I quite like it that I can put you down and know that you will only move as far as the couch or the chair or whatever is blocking the way!

Your laugh is to die for.
That big deep belly laugh makes everyone's day better no matter what has happened.

Teenagers are less grumpy with you around.... who can be sad when there is a laughing baby in the house!

You have taught us all so much.... to take everyday as it comes and not to ever wish for tomorrow. The days go way too fast... and every day you are that little bit older.... that little bit less of a baby.

We try not to be sad though that these days are fewer and fewer and enjoy each one for what it brings.

Everyone is a little bit happier, a little bit less self-centered, a little bit more outward focused since you have been here and for this I am so grateful.

We love you our darling beautiful baby.


getting ready to take off!
(please excuse the quality of the photos - the light was bad today)


  1. Oh Kate, he IS growing so fast! I bet next time I visit your place all those pretty vases and trinkets will be just placed a little bit higher. Bring on the baby proofing for your little almost crawler. P.s. Billy is my latest Robinson child crush by the way. What a little angel he is too teach. Just how do you ever growl that one with those big blue eyes?

  2. Aw, it goes too fast!! Can't believe he is saying Mama and Dad Dad already!!