Tuesday, 18 June 2013

These weeks...

It's been 'one of those months

I haven't kept this space up to date really so instead of a weekly stills... this is more of a month long roundup.

                1. All happy in our big baby bed. Mama finally let go of the bassinet

                     2. Waiting for daddy

                     3. Making: Harem pants (kinda)

                     4. Treats to keep kids happy and quiet while Mama listens at our church

                     5.  A delicious present from my man

                     6.  A beautiful place name setting at the 50th of a precious friend on saturday 
                          night ~ a gift from this talented pair

                     7.  Snuggled up to watch Saturday sports wearing divine alpaca mittens made by 
                          his wonderful Auntie Alice

Belatedly joining in with The Beetleshack for the weekly stills collection

again - please excuse the photo quality... I have been using my crappy phone camera in the absence of  my own     camera

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