Wednesday, 12 June 2013

a {second} babymoon - of sorts

Mothering six children is hard.  There have been (fleeting) moments lately where I have felt totally overwhelmed managing just the simple day to day needs of my family. 
I know they have all felt it too.
They know when their mother is only half listening... half loving... half meeting their needs.

It feels weird in a way to be juggling the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of teenagers while calming a screaming baby and handling the exhausting toll of breastfeeding and sleepless nights!!

 Dont get me wrong though.
I am loving this season of my life and feel incredibly blessed to even be in this position. 
I just need to find ways of handling it better.

I am incredibly grateful for an understanding and awesome husband who has seen my downward spiral and offered practical and loving support.
Including this amazing idea.

a second {mini} babymoon
(aka - milk making day)

I know right... awesome idea.

Today has been spent enjoying lavender baths... delicious coffee... sleep...  chocolate... blueberry muffins... sleep... scented candles.... favourite magazines... sleep... baby cuddles and a long overdue blog world catch up! 

All whilst listening to the rain

My baby sleeps, plays, giggles and feeds beside me.

I put dinner on while I made breakfast so even that is sorted.... 
All I have to do now is get up long enough to pick up my children from school

hubby even popped home from work with a special treat for morning tea... so blessed

Already feeling rejuvenated 



  1. Oh, how wonderful, Kate. It's so good to have an understanding, proactive husband! I know that overwhelmed feeling - though I can only imagine the juggle it must be with teenagers and babies! The idea of a lavender bath and scented candles and a book in bed - divine!

  2. goodness, taking care of 1 newborn is hard enough! i can't imagine looking after 5 other little people at the same time. you're my hero :)

  3. That is such a good idea! Good on you (and hubby) for making it happen. I too have 6 kiddies (youngest being 6months) and can appreciate where you are at. I get the 'over-whelmed' feeling. So glad you got make this day happen. You clearly deserve it!

  4. I totally relate to the teenagers vs baby thing - it's very wierd (and challenging!!). Bless xo