Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I have been thinking a lot lately about my 'goals' for this year. I was a little too preoccupied over the New Year with having a baby and all to set down any resolutions ideas. (There is no point in trying to fool myself into believing that I am the type of person who will ever successfully master the idea of New Year resolutions. They always only last a maximum of 3 days before I have totally forgotten about them!!)

My goal for this year is to be more purposeful in how I live my life. To be intentional in my parenting, to spend deliberate time in prayer (and not just those fleeting prayers that seem to be all I ever manage) to be intentional in the time I spend with my husband and intentional in my thankfulness for the small things that make up my day.

My beautiful friend Anna gave me this book a couple of years ago when we were going through some particularly hard trials as a family and it was completely inspirational - helping me to discover beauty in the small details of life that are so easily overlooked. I think I need to read it again!! I found last year that despite there being SO much to be thankful for, I constantly found myself focusing on the negatives - there never seemed to be enough of anything to go around - whether it was time, energy, faith, money or patience!!
Here I was expecting a much loved and anticipated baby (God took home three babies at 16, 8 and 7 weeks prior to blessing us with Theo) Tim had just started an amazing new job - one he had dreamed of having for a long time, we had moved into a beautiful  home, our children were settled and happy and to top it off Tim and I were able to have a 10 day break in Melbourne for the first time since we got married 15 years ago!! 
Like I said - SO much to be thankful for and yet here I was complaining about things I KNEW better than to complain about! God has shown me time and time and time again that he has our lives firmly in his hands, that I don't to worry or fret about anything that I simply need to just Trust Him.

Soooo... this year WILL be different.

I purpose to be Thankful. To delight in His unending love and unfailing mercy, to celebrate beautiful sunrises, fragrant roses, little sticky fingers, freshly baked bread and milky smiles...

I purpose to be Prayerful. To spend deliberate time everyday thanking my Saviour for blessing me with so many gifts and to seek His help and wisdom as I endeavor  to live a life that honours Him.

I purpose to Love my husband and spend deliberate time everyday with just him.

I purpose too to Parent my kids better. To remember to protect and train their precious hearts individually not lump them altogether to make it easier in the moment! To remember that I am growing adults - not just kids, to have a future focus to my parenting...

Starting today.



  1. Love this post Kate. I've just got back from walking the peak (first time since Triple Peak challenge almost 2 years ago!) And as I walked I got into all this goal setting as I always do when I exercise...."will do this every week day morning, from 6 till 8 followed by sit up's bla bla bla... " Your goal is much more inspiring, humbling and a reflection of your beautiful heart. I'll keep you accountable if you do me. :)

    1. thank you Anna.. YES please hold me accountable!! I need it :) well done on the walking - i will join you one day if you will have me!

  2. Great post Kate - you put into words what I have had slushing around in my head the last little while. I also want to spend more time in the Word - I was especially motivated/ convicted after last Sunday's sermon. Enjoy those sticky fingers and milky smiles ... I've also 'enjoyed' 2 undie accidents this morning followed by a couple of successes! Here's to 2013!

  3. p.s. I also like your new sidebar with the photos of the kids. Love how you have caught them in all their individualism, no lumping together here. 6 beautiful, very different children. It really is amazing all the combinations you and Tim together with God's knitting, have made! :)