Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Our Place

My best friend is a florist... I know right! How lucky am I!!! Especially when we go to the flower market together and I pick up a few blooms super cheap... she did the most fantastic arrangement for our front entrance..  Thanks Jaqui.. Love you!!

 I thought I would snap a few stills of around home at the same time...

Two of my favourite things..Vernon Ward print and swan vase.  

I recently discovered the delightful Audrey Fitzjohn from Hello Paper and fell in love!!
This 'Live Simply' sticker was a favourite - along with 'Hello Sunshine' at the top of the page.

An old cast iron toy car Tim found buried in land he was cultivating 
Tims old 'Fun Ho' bulldozer sits alongside a tin number six sign I found when Theo was born

Finn reading in everyone's favourite sunny nook

old books

Mollie's room - she wrote this to remind herself not to be obsessed with how she looks!

(as most of my photos turned out to be an epic fail I handed the camera to Mollie - these are hers..)



  1. lovely pics :) You have such awesome style! xox Jenny

  2. Love your style Kate. We checked out that store in Auckland you told Marcus about- The Vitrine. It was very cool, very you and Tim. Lucky for us, that style doesn't suit our new house much (still working out which style does and might need your help with that at some stage!) but kinda glad as it could have been a very expensive visit. Enjoyed just ohhh and arghhing over everything instead. x

  3. I am a mad crown lynn collector, my favourite piece is my swan. And those Vernon Ward prints are beautiful x

    1. thank you!! Me too... I was over the moon to find the Vernon Ward for a song in a local secondhand shop.. xx