Sunday, 17 February 2013

Our Weekend

This weekend was the first full weekend we had enjoyed as a family since Theo was born... Tim has been working 80 odd hours a week lately and its been just crazy!!

We enjoyed a romantic dinner under the veranda at home on Friday night.. complete with fairy lights and candles.. it was blissful and so much nicer than going out!! We enjoyed the most delicious scallop and prawn risotto thanks to this recipe from Sophie Gray - yummo!!!!

On Saturday night we celebrated Theodore's 6 week birthday with a fish and chip dinner up Te Mata peak where we watched para-gliders and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. 

Sunday we spent enjoying the wonderful Art Deco weekend in Napier... such a delightful experience!! Next year we are determined to dress up and enjoy it properly!!

How was your weekend?



  1. I love Art Deco - but we didn't go this year (it's possible I enjoy it A LOT more than Andrew.) Instead on the Saturday we went for a little bush walk and swim in the Ngaruroro river. (We only had Isabelle as Toby and Tash are in Otaki and have Noah). Then this arvo, Isabelle had a very quick look at the Clive Market. Your weekend looks lovely - such a nice pic of you enjoying your romantic dinner and it looks like fun up Te Mata peak :)

    1. sounds like a fun weekend Jenny.. I think its the same round here regarding Art Deco.. although Tim was keen to do the proper set up for the Gatsby Picnic.. some of those gazebo setups were amazing!! Keen to go all out with one of those one day :)

  2. Kate, you look like one of the kids in those Te Mata Peak photos. How is it that every year you get older, you look a year younger? Secret please!!!

  3. Maybe lots of kids keeps you young!! Have more babies Anna! xxx