Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Weekly Stills

1.  Anemones. Enjoying jars full of my favourite flower all through the house as they have their brief but glorious moment in our garden.
2. Waterfall. We had the most wonderful Easter weekend with dear friends... a highlight was walking a beautiful bush walk that ended in....
3... another bigger gorgeous waterfall which our eldest son proceeded to jump off!! Lucky for him he had asked his dad and not me for permission!
4. Finn taking some much needed time out for a quiet read in everyone's favourite sunny reading spot.
5. Chocolate chip oatie cookies... Mmmmmm!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend... so nice to still have such summery weather to make it extra enjoyable!

Joining in for the first time with the lovely Emma from the Beetle Shack



  1. I was thoroughly inspired by all your flowers throughout your home that I've vowed to do the same!! x

  2. Lovely pics. Those cookies look delicious! You'll have to share the recipe!
    I am so glad I found your blog, I will be joining in Em's Weekly Stills from this week onwards!
    xx Katrina

    1. thank you! yay.. can't wait to see your pics!

  3. those waterfalls are amazing. are those near you??

    1. Yes.. only 10 mins away! Crazy thing is its the first time we have been there in years! I forgot how beautiful they were!