Sunday, 7 April 2013

Stills - a weekly collection


                                              1. Theodore
                                              2. Making: Stylie Dribble Bibs
                                              3. Vintage wooden tray, picked up on a recent trip to Melbourne
                                              4. Making: Infinity scarf out of gorgeous fabric
                                              5. Pebbles
                                              6. Making: Harvest pasta sauce
                                              7. Teddy boy with his doting sister (and other mother) 

Joining in with the lovely Em over at the BeetleShack 


  1. Lovely Kate! I got to give your gorgeous youngest boy some cuddles in the creche at church today - he is delicious! Your bibs look awesome as does that scarf! x

  2. Awesome! Beautiful photos and you have been busy. Too bad we never got a photo of the smoking sewing machine! x

  3. Lovely photos, that last shot is gorgeous.

  4. beautiful images, those bibs are very cute x