Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Baby's Room

 I am preparing my heart for my sweets baby's last days in his bassinet... I know I have already left it a tad too long but I cant bear the thought of him being swallowed up in a big cot! 

Here is his wee room... decorated in a vintage Cowboy and Indian theme.
Not much bigger than a broom cupboard but perfect for one.

 ... and just a few pictures on his wall.

Exquisite shawl handmade by my beautiful clever sister in law Alice

Cowboy fabric from  Tom Tom Jak

Cowboy applique from my dear friend Jenny

Cowboy doll made by the beautiful talented Dee from Tiny Eyes

The cot has held all our children and was made by my father

Bunny nightlight (on window sill) from Collected by LeeAnn Yare 

Pictures on the wall were gifts from my dear friend Anna

Everything else was gifted, thrifted or handmade.


(please excuse the tragic photography but it is a skill I have yet to master!)

1 comment:

  1. Tragic Photos! I think they are great photos! And I love the cot all dressed up with it blankets. Looks very cosy! If I used a cot like it was meant to be used then I would love mine to look like that! Looks very Earth-baby-ish!
    Ps you have a beautiful family too!