Thursday, 23 May 2013

~ on being organised ~

 I am determined to sort my life out and become on of those awesome organised people who I envy big time! 

Totally NOT my default setting and the more kids I have had and the busier I get the more obvious it is getting at how much I am failing in this area!!

My biggest weakness is that I like things to be tidy... I loathe those little piles that pop up... bills here... school notices there... kids artwork over there... blah, blah, blah!

I pop them away so I can't see them and then promptly forget about them! 
This is how my children have ended up arriving at birthday parties as all the other kids were leaving. 
Yes I am that mother.

I have forgot to pay bills.... forgotten appointments... forgotten car registrations and warrant of fitness. 
Yes I am that person. 

Not any more. 
This ends now.

Soooo.. I figured I may as well use this here blog as a way of recording my efforts to change and to be held somewhat accountable at the same time.
I started yesterday with something fun.

A few of my dear  friends and I get together once a month for a Pinterest  afternoon. A chance to not just dream of things we would like to achieve but an deliberate time set aside to actually achieve them.
(not to mention a fabulous time of talking, eating and cuddling each others babies!)

My friend Anna and I have both wanted to spruce up our pantries and so we started with our spice jars.
Using this amazing website we printed out awesome labels and popped them onto some simple jars she found online. 
Filled them up with our little packets of spices and herbs and Voila !!

My next project to tackle is my home office!! 
Eeeek!! The area that needs the most work and the most disorganized aspect of my life!

Any suggestions gratefully received!



  1. Those spice and herb jars are too cute, loving the whole look. I want to be all organised but it's the actual doing it that is a pain. Looking forward to being motivated by your achievements - ha ha no pressure now.

  2. Looking great! It was lovely to hang out and talk etc yesterday, looking forward to the next time :) Xox

  3. Oh they look awesome! Tempted to go black now too. My tip don't start too big, it is overwhelming and will take too long and then end up all being stuffed back in when it's kids pick up time and you won't get back to it. Start small like one drawer at a time, one cupboard, one filing cabinet, one computer desk, one notice board etc. Aim to do one area a day or even just one a week. You know I heart labels too but I'm sure they help the whole family out at knowing where things belong and where to file stuff. Good luck, will help if I can but I'm thinking it's going to be another month before I get my spice jars completed so you are already one up on me!

  4. Great idea. One step at a time works well. I always find I spend much longer dreading the task and when I finally get to doing it it takes next to no time at all. I wish I would remember that because I do seem to spend a lot of time procrastinating and dreading and not actually doing over and over again. I like how you work with a friend to motivate each other. Cx

  5. Oh I'm with you on being disorganized! It's not a natural trait for me either and many things go amiss! I have recently sorted my home office and I got alot of boxes, one for current invoices, one for all my office equipment ( ink, staplers etc ) any important notices get pinned on to a pin board by my computer so HOPEFULLY I won't forget! I have a large filing box that all the paperwork that I no longer need gets plopped into ( to one day file...never be good on that )
    So in the end its not completely organized down to the letter, but it's out of the way and it keeps a clear desk ( when I'm diligent ) and clear mind...which I can't function well without :))) Goodluck x

  6. OH I hear you!! I am so disorganized it actually stresses me out at times. I wish I had a organisation fairy come to my house and give it the once over and I could start there and hopefully keep it like that. Like you the more kids I have the worse it gets BUT I don't want it too. My big achievements for the day is if I can get the washing folded AND put away all in one day AND have the bench clear at the end of the day. Anything else is an added bonus! Secretly glad I am not the only one ;)