Monday, 20 May 2013

~ our week ~

                  1. Deepening colours on this gorgeous copper birch mark the cooler weather arriving.
                  2. A wonderful thrifty haul.
                  3. This guy has been home sick all week... a rare chance to spend time together.                  
                  4.  I was thrilled to find this wee fella... he looks right at home.
                  5. Potted succulents on the awesome old wooden ladder my man found for me this week.
                  6. Stunning blooms from a precious friend.
                  7. Teddy in the divine old man cardy from my thrifty haul.
                  8. I am still trying to move him into a cot... I just can't do it!


  1. just lovely x

  2. That looks like a GREAT thrifty haul. Nice one. I never have luck thrift shopping, though I suspect that it's less a lack of luck and more a lack of patience.

  3. I love your wee fellow. Hope your boy feels better real soon and of course lovely comfort find you all. xx

  4. that old man cardy is just divine

  5. That thrifted cardigan looks so wonderful...
    My boys have all been home with colds as well, and I have to say, apart from having to wipe runny noses all day, it's been quite lovely.
    Lovely to have found your space via Em's. It's so inspiring to meet big families like yours.
    Ronnie xo

  6. Lovely collection of images! Thank you so much for introducing yourself over on my blog... Nice to 'meet' you! :) x