Sunday, 12 May 2013

~ Four months ~

Time is flying past... I am determined to enjoy each day for what it brings and not mourn what has already passed by. It is so hard though especially when my friends keep having delicious new babies - my wee man looks so enormous next to them! 

Teddy boy is such a yummy, chubby, delicious wee man and we are loving him more and more every day... 

So blessed.


On another note... even if I had no idea of the date i would totally know he was four months. I am losing large amounts of hair!! Argghhh... not cool man not cool! 
Does this happen to you?

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  1. wow, that has gone fast. He's going to be one before we know it isn't he! yikes, slow down bubba. And yes about the hair loss. Strangely this happened to me when we moved to Havelock North too. I'm putting it down to the change of water- havelock has really hard lime rich water. It is playing havoc with my skin, and washing appliances as well. On a plus note, I don't need to straighten my hair as much now- there is less of it to go wild!