Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A fragrant obsession

  I am mildly obsessed with flowers.
If I don't have any in the house it all feels a bit bare.
a bit sad.

The very best thing about winter is my daphne bush.
Beautiful fragrant flowers fill my home with an intoxicating fragrance that no 
summer flower can ever replicate.

 In a word




  1. Oh I love daphne, love especially that it blooms in winter in my birthday month when nothing else does. (part of me always feels like God made them just for me. ) but now I know I'm not alone in the loving. You are the best at always having fresh flowers in your house Kate, it's one of your trade marks.

  2. Oooh yes I just love to fill the house with the moment the Stock I picked from my garden is filling the house with its fragrance still after 5 days! I will be sowing a whole lot of this for summer, especially as it tends to act like a perennial up here.