Tuesday, 16 July 2013

six months

half a year has flown by. 
still loving every minute of this ride with our teddy bear...
and feeling so blessed.

we are sitting all by ourselves... still not crawling despite my earlier predictions and for this I am so very very grateful!
on a less wonderful note... we are waking up at least twice a night and struggling to sleep during the day argghh! I am loving our ergo baby carrier and that it is holidays so he has lots of siblings eager to help settle him.

still smiley... still happy and still the most scrumptious baby in all the world.
(nope... not the least bit biased around here)

Happy six month birthday my darling boy

 love this expression!


  1. AWWW that last pic is just adorable :))
    Amazing how quickly these months just race by.

  2. You darling baby boy is not much younger than mine! Don't you just love their ridiculously smooth and edible cheeks! So adorable!