Tuesday, 23 July 2013

embrace the camera

One of my very favourite bloggers and fellow mama of six has this wonderful initiative on her blog. Choosing to be intentional  about taking weekly pictures of yourself with your kids.

I am so bad at this... always making sure that I look  just so before I get on the other side of the lens - This usually results in me not being in very many pictures. 

How sad though that in the years to come... my kids will look back of all these multitude of photos and not see me doing life with them, I want them to remember these fun, crazy days and be a part of those memories.

So. Starting today I am turning that camera around. Who's with me?


(click on this picture to go check out the anderson crew)


  1. Great idea! and so true, I raise my hand up to this problem....must take more of us together as a family :)

  2. Lovely seeing you with your gorgeous family :)