Tuesday, 16 July 2013

~ this week ~

1. It's been a wet and stormy week... perfect for fires and hot chocolates

2. Surrounding myself in happy yellowness and bringing sunshine inside *

3. Playing peek-a-boo in the mirror... rainy day fun

4. Cousins all the way from Taiwan! Pizza and movie night.. Yah!

5. Winter warmness... complete with thrifted woolens**

6. I've been sick... this is the worst!

Joining in with the Beetleshack for the weekly stills collection

*I was lucky enough to win this giveaway over at Mend and Make New and this candlestick is what I chose.  Thank you Jamie Kay!
** apologies to all my Instagram followers who are seeing some of these photos for a second time and for the grainy awful photos... still battling away on my phone camera for the time being.


  1. What a week for you! I do hope the mastitis is better :)) such an awful thing to have :(

  2. Oh no! Mastitis is The Worst. I've not heard of that Weleda mix before, you'll have to tell me how well it works. Here's hoping it improves FAST for you!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon! Being sick is the worst when you have little people to look after! xx

  4. Oh, hope the mastitis clears up quickly! Such a gorgeous brood you have. Kellie xx