Wednesday, 2 October 2013


 ... by way of keeping my sanity, anything not completely and utterly necessary has fallen by the wayside this month.
Including this space.
So here is a collection of moments... captured as I was able.

We have these terribly steep stairs at home and this baby is determined to reach the top. I spend all day trying desperately to keep him off them. Not because I want to wrap him in cotton wool and prevent him from exploring and experimenting... just because those little stocking-ed feet are so slippery and that would be a hard fall.
I have enjoyed moments of beauty this month as the tulips have bloomed and the weather has warmed our bodies and and our hearts. Picnics on beaches and hilltops with precious friends... Birthday parties and weekends with a houseful of children. I finally secured a world map I had been drooling over for ages and the hubby and I managed a date night {with a chaperone naturally}
While its been a hard month... a time of relearning my limits and humbling my heart... it has also been glorious to feel the sun's warmth on my cheeks and enjoy time with my family.

We have school holidays here at the moment and the lack of routine is delightful.. sleepy lie-ins and lazy days are bliss. I am also gleefully anticipating a weekend away for my birthday with one of our favourite families.

I am truly blessed. 

Here's to  a beautiful October 


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  1. Ahhh the sun, never ceases to brighter up days, our hearts and warm our spirits! I hope you continue to relish the school holidays and relax into them. Enjoy your birthday too, hope you get super spoilt xx